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Europe CNBC Squawk Box

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Europe CNBC Squawk Box

Squawk Box Europe, is the pre-game show for the markets. The focus is on stocks and stories that affect the way markets trade. Squawk Box Europe is lively, timely and irreverent. Every day anchor Geoff Cutmore is joined by a guest host, either a leading business figure or financial market specialist. Together with market watchers Steve Sedgwick, Louisa Bojesen and Martin Baccardax, they provide three hours of must-see commentary and analysis wrapped around the European market open.Get involved in the program and e-mail your questions and comments to the show

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Europe CNBC Squawk Box

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Europe CNBC Squawk Box

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Europe CNBC Squawk Box


Stephen Sedgwick, Geoff Cutmore, Karen Tso

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Europe CNBC Squawk Box

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