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NBC Nightly News

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NBC Nightly News

The most-watched U.S. network evening newscast, with millions of Americans tuning in for the latest news and information. Each night, the program takes viewers to the heart of a breaking news story, whether it is in-depth international reporting, extensive domestic coverage or comprehensive political reporting.

Led by anchor and managing editor Brian Williams, no other news program provides viewers a better way to get close to a story and receive the day¿s most important national and international news. In addition, "NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams" provides regular reports including: "In Depth," a longer form piece which examines and provides context to top news stories; "The Fleecing of America," examines government waste; and "Lifeline," takes a look at current health trends in America.

For nine years, "NBC Nightly News" has been the largest single source of news and information in America.

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NBC Nightly News

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NBC Nightly News

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NBC Nightly News


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NBC Nightly News

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